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#diez - media partner of “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon”

The news portal for youth #diez has become the information partner of the first sport festival in Moldova – “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon”.

#diez is a news website. News for youth.

#diez is a team of young reporters, who present the news objectively, in an interesting manner and without emotions. 

The readers of #diez are energetic young people, for whom there is no such word as “impossible” and who are always looking for something new, for new opportunities and sources of information.

Everyday the team of #diez learns, grows and becomes better at what it does. They want the people around them to become more emancipated, open-minded, active, free, mobile, tolerant, responsible, independent, strong, interested and productive.

The visitors do not read #diez news, they discover the world together with #diez.

Shall you be reminded that the sporting event “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon”, due on April 21-22, will comprise a trailrunning race and an MTB trail. In addition to the sports competitions, the festival will feature various shows and concert programs. The festival will culminate with a concert program by Zdob si Zdub.

The major purpose of “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon” is the active promotion of the historical, natural and cultural monuments of the Republic of Moldova.

It is the first time that an event organized by Sporter will take place under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Moldova, as part of the events dedicated to the year of Stefan cel Mare.