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The Sporter organisation announces volunteers recruitment for the sports events held in Moldova.

Do you want to be a part of history?

Do you like sports?

Do you like learning and gaining experience?

Are you an active, energetic and determined type of person, who strives to perfection?

Then come and join us!

Register here and we will gladly accept you into our team! We are open to new friendships and we seriously take our job. You aren’t just a volunteer for us, but you are a friend and a teammate as well. Together, we can make things happen!

We need your help in:

  • registration and race kits handing out;

  • designing the start/ finish areas, Sport Expo zone and the whole race distance;

  • working at the start and finish areas during the race;

  • helping at the feeding points;

  • working at the storage and changing rooms;

  • regulating the runners direction of movement during the race;

  • awarding all participants at the finish line;

  • awarding the winners;

  • security.

All volunteers, who have registered, will be divided into teams responsible for each of the above areas.

Volunteers requirements:

  • aged above 16;

  • responsible;

  • hard-working;

  • able to work well in a team;

  • interested in sport, mainly in running.

What advantages do our volunteers receive in terms of career opportunities?

  • you become a part of a professional team;

  • you gain experience in organising large-scale events, which will be useful in future;

  • you may fill in your CV with volunteer experience and open new career opportunities;

  • you learn to integrate and cooperate with a big team;

  • you develop your communication skills;

  • you befriend with people who have great experience in sports.

What advantages do you personally receive as being a Sporter volunteer?

  • you make new friends, who you have common interests with;

  • you learn to be responsible;

  • you acknowledge and develop your potential;

  • you see the sportsmen’s smiles and energy;

  • you enhance personal best qualities by helping others;

  • you are valued and you receive positive feedback on your help;

  • you become an example to your friends, peers, brothers, sisters etc;

  • you don’t sit still, but you develop an active life view;

  • you feel more successful.

What do you receive from us for your contribution to sports events?

  • a diploma issued by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova;

  • a volunteer certificate.

In addition, the most active volunteers will become the heroes of articles published on Marathon.md, Sporter.md and Point.md sites!

After registration, learn more about the event in the Sporter Voluntariat group. In advance, all volunteers will undergo a briefing and will sign a responsibility document.

As a reminder: regardless of your motivation, your contribution is very important! You can do more than you think you can!!!

For additional information please call: 022111072.