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Apa Buna became the official partner of Hai Haiduci 2019

The drinking water manufacturer Apa Buna became the official partner of Hai Haiduci 2019 festival, which will be held on April 20 and 21 at the venue of the ethno-cultural complex Vatra. Trail running and MTB cycling races will be held within the festival. In addition to sports program, the guests will be able to enjoy various shows and Moldovan singers’ performances.

Apa Buna Trade SRL Company extracts water from the artesian well No. 3941 (1), which is 120 m (393.7 ft) deep and which is located in an eco zone of Moldovan Codri, close to Micauti village.

The technical equipment of the company corresponds to the international drinking water standards, which means the natural components and taste are preserved in the water.

In the production of “living water”, Apa Buna does not use synthetic minerals. 

Particular attention is paid to the purity of the water and to the balance of the mineral composition.

Apa Buna drinking water is intended for daily consumption. Compared to highly mineralized water, Apa Buna can be consumed without any caution due to its low mineralization (not more than 500 mg/l). The water is also recommended to pregnant women and to babies.

Before releasing the water for sale, it undergoes additional processing and conditioning using modern methods:

  • Mechanical filtration removes mechanical impurities;

  • Partial decrease of stiffness raises its value to the recommended level;

  • UV irradiation sterilizes water;

  • Activated carbon filtration removes possible microorganisms contamination;

  • Reverse osmosis reduces the overall mineralization to optimal levels for drinking water;

  • Ozonation, which is one of the most effective and safe filtration methods, sterilizes and enriches water with oxygen. It also allows to manufacture high-quality products, which correspond to all modern requirements.

The water is poured into 1.5 liters (52.79 fl oz), 5 liters (175.97 fl oz) and 19 liters (668.7 fl oz) bottles. The quality and taste of Apa Buna are valued by customers and specialists. Since 2000, Apa Buna has participated 7 times in various competitions, which were organized within specialized exhibitions, and the company always won the first place in the “Best Drinking Water” nomination.

Concerning bottled drinking water, it should be noted that nowadays the advantage over other water sources lies in its quality and safety. Apa Buna bottles are made of polycarbonate with high environmental safety  properties. The water can be preserved in these bottles for more than a year without losing its taste and chemical properties, if kept at the right temperature.

As a reminder, the sports and music festival Hai Haiduci 2019 will be held on April 20 and 21 at the venue of the ethno-cultural complex Vatra. You can register and find out more on the website https://haiduc.md/en/. Spectators are provided with roundtrip transport. One-way fee is 25 MDL (~1 EURO).

Organizers: the public sports organization Sporter, the most popular online ads board 999.md, and the information and entertainment portal Afisha.md.