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FAQ about "Hai Haiduci! by Salomon" festival

What is “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon”?

"Hai Haiduci! by Salomon” is a sports and music festival. The program of the event includes sporting activities and competitions, as well as entertainment shows and concerts.

Where is it located?

The ethno-cultural complex "Vatra" is located 32 km from Chisinau, next to “La Bădiş” restaurant

When will the festival take place?

Saturday, April 21, from 9:00 to 22:00

Sunday, April 22, from 9:00 to 22:00

How do I register for the trail race and MTB ride?

Registration for the trail race and MTB ride is CLOSED

I want to come to the festival, how do I get there?

A special route from Chisinau to the Vatra Complex will be available. Minibuses will run on Saturday and Sunday, from 16:00 to 23:00, from Topaz (Sculeni). The cost of the trip is 25 lei in one direction.

I'm attending competitions, how do I get there?

On the days of the events (April 21 & 22), buses will leave from Chisinau, from the circus building at 8:00 a.m. Back to Chisinau, buses will leave from Vatra at 22:00.

What’s the cost of attending the festival?

The sports and music festival is absolutely free.

What activities are planned?

Competitions (trail race and MTB ride), a concert with Moldovan groups (Millenium Band, Lume, Tharmis, Zdob si Zdub), animation for children, fire show, knight battles, trip to Codri forest on ATVs. The full list of activities can be found on the FOLLOWING LINK

How much does entertainment cost?

Entertainment activities are free of charge.

Can we take the kids with us?

You should! An interactive program is provided for children, including: a climbing and slackline course, the “Secrets of Survival and the Scout Movement" course, animation, battles in special soft knight outfits and other activities.

How much does the camping cost?

 The camping is free of charge.

Is there going to be any food and water?

 - There is a restaurant in the "Vatra" complex, which sells barbecue, traditional pies, water, juices, alcoholic drinks and other products.

- You can bring food with you.

Will there be a photo/video report from the event?

The photo/video report from the event will be published after the end of the event.