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Hurry up! Register now for Haiduci 2019 at the lowest price

Spring is coming, and this is a sign that we should get ready for nature, sun, music and movement! April 20-21, the Vatra Ethno-Cultural Complex will host the Hai Haiduci 2019 Sports and Music Festival. Take advantage of the lowest prices, register in advance and plan to spend two spring days in a beautiful and cheerful atmosphere with friends and family!

Prices during this period are as follows:

Hai Haiduci MTB RACE: 

250 MDL (≈ 13 EURO) - until 18.02.2019

350 MDL (≈15 EURO) - from 19.02.2019 to 05.04.2019

Hai Haiduci TRAIL RUN 8 km

200 MDL (≈ 10 EURO) - until 19.02.2019

300 MDL (≈ 25  EURO) - from 20.02.2019 to 06.04.2019

Hai Haiduci TRAIL RUN 19 km

300 MDL (≈15 EURO) - until 19.02.2019

400 MDL (≈20  EURO) - from 20.02.2019 to 06.04.2019

Hai Haiduci TRAIL RUN 30 km

300 MDL (≈ 15 EURO) - until 19.02.2019

400 MDL (≈ 20  EURO) - from 20.02.2019 to 06.04.2019

”Hai Haiduci!” is the only music and sports festival that takes place on the territory of the Vatra ethnocultural complex with the participation of professional and amateur athletes. Also, all those who love good music and active lifestyle are invited to take part in the event.

On the first day of the festival (April 20) the MTB bicycle race will take place at a distance of 30 km. On the second day of the event (April 21), participants will run the selected distance for the cross-country race: 8 km, 19 km or 30 km.

You can register and learn more about the event at https://haiduc.md/en/