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Red Bull — partner of the sports and music festival Hai Haiduci! by Vita

Red Bull company supports the sports and music festival Hai Haiduci! by Vita as a partner for the event.

Red Bull — the secret of your sporting achievements

Red Bull energy drink is known throughout the world. It helps both professional and amateur athletes to always stay on top and get an extra charge of energy, vigor and strength whenever necessary.

How and when to drink Red Bull?

The Red Bull energy drink can be drunk before, during and after workouts. Red Bull is a functional product with a high content of caffeine, so it is not intended to restore water balance in the body and quench thirst. During physical exertion and training, you must drink water in addition to Red Bull.

One can (250 ml) of the drink contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of natural coffee of the same volume. When consuming Red Bull, please consider the recommended daily intake of caffeine.

Red Bull gives you wings!

As a reminder, the second edition of the music and sports festival Hai Haiduci! by Vita will take place on 20-21 April at the venue of the ethno-cultural complex Vatra. The program schedule includes a 30-kilometer MTB cycling race, 8 km, 19 km and 30 km trail races, a Family Run relay, competitions and entertainment for children and adults, as well as concerts of the best Moldovan performers.

For more information about the event, please check out here.