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Sporter conducted the final training before “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon”

On Saturday, April 14, Sporter organized a test race and bike ride for all participants in “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon” on the site.

The organizers of the training provided transport, which took all the participants and their inventory to the base.

In total, about 30 cyclists and runners gathered for the "control lap". Before the athletes started to overcome the route, the partner of “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon”, the multibrand sports store Multisport held a draw of a gift - a branded backpack.

The route of “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon” is laid in such a way that runners, starting on the territory of the ethno-cultural complex "Vatra", reached the Oak of Stefan cel Mare, then returned to the takeoff position (30 km).

The first to cover the 30-km route where the MTB cyclists, led by Sporter coach Andrei Vrabii, who conducted a detailed briefing before the ride.

After the cyclists, the takeoff position was occupied by the runners, led by climber and runner coach Andrei Hohlov (Ve Ga), leader of Exitpoint.md project, who also had a briefing and answered all the questions of the sportsmen.

you be reminded that the sporting event “Hai Haiduci! by Salomon”, due on April 21-22, will comprise a trailrunning race and an MTB trail. In addition to the sports competitions, the festival will feature various shows and concert programs. The festival will culminate with a concert program by Zdob si Zdub, Tharmis, Millenium Band & Lume.

“Hai Haiduci! by Salomon” will take place under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Moldova, as part of the events dedicated to the year of Stefan cel Mare.