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Traumeel S has become the title partner for 19 km race Hai Haiduci By VITA 2019

Sport is not just about fun, adrenaline, medals and positive emotions. Many sports activities have “side effects”, such as: injuries, scratches, bruises, calluses, etc, which usually “stay behind the curtains”, but need special attention. For this reason, Traumeel S has become the title partner for the 19 km race as part of the Hai Haiduci By VITA music and sports festival!

Traumeel S is a German ointment that consists of natural ingredients, which accelerate the healing of: severe injuries, sprains, concussions, strains, bone fractures, haemorrhages and joint effusion, post-traumatic edema, gingival abscess, mastitis, carbuncle, furunculus, eczema, burns, etc.

Mountain arnica, calendula, chamomile, common comfrey, yarrow, belladonna, monk's-hood, common daisy and common St John's-wort are just some of the Traumeel S ingredients, which render analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and immunomodulatory properties.

This ointment can be found in any drug store of the country!

On 20 and 21 of April, Traumeel S will support the participants in Hai Haiduci! – the only music and sports festival in Moldova, which will be held on the territory of the ethno-cultural complex Vatra. The invitation is open to both professional and amateur athletes, music lovers and to all who want to spend the weekend close to nature.

On the first day of the festival (April 20), the 30 km cycling race will take place. On the second day (April 21), all participants will race in the selected trail distance: 8 km, 19 km or 30 km.